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Documentary (in post-production)

Filmed during the month leading up to the Calais Jungle eviction. Told through Josh, an English volunteer who set the club up, the film deals with themes of community, self-destruction and the lived experience of a community at the mercy of their environment. SIT AND WATCH

Documentary (Trailer) – 37min

Six everyday scenarios play out in modern London summoning ideas of representation, spectacle and human behaviour.

E17_nn East 17 4LG

Portrait Documentary – 3min

Matt, a 27 year old butcher and artist awaits court after being involved in a violent brawl. (3) Hale

Narrative Short (Trailer) – 13 mins

A tale of ill-fated serendipity (1) SVEA

Documentary – 7min

One bands journey into the Swedish wilderness in search of creative realisation. Ballet No9

Narrative Short – 1min

A classic coming of age story about a disembodied voice trying to find love in the world.

REEL_N Showreel

Documentaries, Short Films, Music Videos & Commercial Projects.